Ceramic tile offers customers an attractive and unique alternative to other flooring options available.

There are many advantages to ceramic and porcelain tile over other flooring options, including, the availability of a variety of sizes, colours and textures.  Additionally, ceramic and porcelain tile offers customers a durable and maintenance-free solution.

Ceramic and porcelain tile is very durable and has increased in popularity with the recent competitive pricing among manufacturers.  The Floor Store offers a vast selection of ceramic and porcelain tile options, with a wide cross-section of in-stock ceramic tiles as well as countless tile pattern options which can be custom ordered.  In addition to its cost-effectiveness, ceramic tile has become more functional in recent years with the introduction of better slip-resistant options.  The Floor Store carries slip-resistant finishes as well as the more common smooth surface tile options.

Grout choice is important in the overall appearance of ceramic tile flooring.  Grout is available in various colours and allows a customer to choose whether to match their field tile to create a unified or blanket look, or choose a contrasting colour to emphasize the grid or pattern formed by the tiles.


Our Quality Product Suppliers

The Floor Store ensures our customers are happy with their selections by choosing products from brand name supplies trusted by our team.
To learn more about the quality ceramic tile brands The Floor Store carries, please visit our suppliers' Web sites listed below.

Midgley West
Sarana Tile
Floor AAC
Centure Tile